Wow it's been a while! :)

Well some of this rare blog post won't be new at all for those on my yahoogroup. .. and the FB surfers have seen some of it too. So I tossed a new ponay in here for ha ha's just so that it's not ALL old news. ;)

This guy is just getting his last touches...

Since I last posted I really had to push to wrap up things for spending the week at Breyerfest. I offered up to my group these guys;

He made his debut at BF... I'm going to borrow Gudrun's photos here;

Tx for these pictures Gudrun!!! :)

In the last week that Palomino bitty bosco's sale/payments fell through from the proxy bidder so I'll be posting him for sale at some point in the future - I'm not sure if I'm going to add more sabino or more sooty-ness to him just yet. Stay tuned there I suppose! He's definitely the most dappled mini I've done to date - lots of fun cauliflower dappling and I'm leaning towards darkening those up.

For those who didn't see him, I did a silent auction horse for Breyer as well (so 8 horses for Breyerefest, a record for me really although I left 2 Hazels incomplete because it would have been insanity to rush to finish them too). ANYHOW, so I did my first ever plastic custom for sale. He sold well for them from what I heard too. :)

His album here;

And then in the last 24hrs a new mouth to feed seems to be sprouting up!

First it was just a little thirsty;

Yes, after dinner while playing with few plastic bags and some tin foil... I got a wild hair and sketched up some silly push poneh ideas... Then today I caught my fiance feeding him Fritos..

So as you can see he's growing. Clearly it looks like he got into some packing materials too (he's a little recycled monster eh? Something like a cross between Thwell Ponies and something out of the X-files...). ;)

Actually it's not really a mystery as to what lights a fire under my tush enough sometimes to go make something... I posted this yesterday to my FB profile page;

I know I know... artists are supposed to be more mysterious in what constitutes as their muses...!

Anyhow, so there you have that. What serves as entertainment around here eh! :D

And with that, I do have ponies I do need to get back to. I just realized while I was sitting here listening to music on hold, that I was wooooefully out of date over here on the blog! Sorry about that! :)


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